Company Overview:

At PactSafe, our vision is to empower the world with the next generation of electronic contracting experiences. We have built a world-class platform that makes contracts a seamless part of doing business for our customers, which includes Fortune 100 companies all the way down to startups here locally in Indianapolis.

It's true what they say: work hard, play hard. That's something that we believe wholeheartedly here at PactSafe. We have fun. We have a laid-back culture, but push one another to continue to learn and grow in a collaborative space. We're looking for people that own their individual progress and aren't scared to take challenges head-on. We focus our business on learning while operating as efficiently as possible. We're a true startup. If you think you'd thrive in this type of environment, PactSafe is the place to grow in your role.

At PactSafe, we offer growth and opportunity:

While we revolutionize the way our customers do business, we also empower our employees to excel. As one of the most steadily-growing tech companies in Indianapolis, we invite you to be a part of our quick-paced, rewarding, and fun work environment. For this particular role, you'll work closely with engineering and product leadership – giving you the opportunity to learn about our business, customers, and technology.

What does a "Lead QA Engineer" at PactSafe do?

As a Lead QA Engineer, you will be responsible for building automation tests as well as running manual regression tests against our highly-scalable applications built for the enterprise. You’ll also be mentoring a QA Engineer and shaping the direction for Quality Assurance at PactSafe. Your involvement will span all areas of the product development lifecycle – from discovery to delivery, and everything in between.

As a senior member of our tight-knit engineering team, you will have a direct impact on the direction of our product and the technologies that we implement. You'll work with other members of the engineering team, establish QA and automation best practices, and leverage the latest services and frameworks to build an innovative product that you’re truly proud of.


  • Involved in all aspects of the product development process – from discovery to delivery and everything in between.
  • Responsible for developing automation testing and running manual regression testing for an enterprise-ready application, with a focus on scalability, reliability, and availability.
  • Define Quality Assurance best practices and drive innovation using the latest services and frameworks.
  • Work closely with teammates across product, engineering and design to understand business and technical requirements, and deliver impactful features to our customers.
  • Serve as a leader to other QA engineers through one-on-one interactions, code reviews, etc.


  • 5+ years of experience in a Quality Assurance role, including automation testing.
  • You have experience testing web applications or services for customers.
  • You’ve been responsible for testing code to meet technical requirements and acceptance criteria.
  • You’ve helped to establish Quality Assurance best practices for one or more teams.
  • You’ve worked on a team where you had to brainstorm, develop collaboratively, and review the work of your teammates.
  • You’ve welcomed projects that fell outside the scope of your normal role.


  • You have considerable experience working with Selenium, Postman, and other testing frameworks.
  • You understand the automation testing needed to discover and prevent issues before customers discover them, including performance issues
  • You’re passionate about learning and continuing to evolve your skill set.
  • You’re eager for new challenges and welcome a wide range of responsibilities.
  • You enjoy taking ownership of a problem and finding the solution on your own.
  • You love getting your hands dirty and troubleshooting complex problems.
  • You excel in situations that require you to work through ambiguity or solve challenging problems with little-to-no direction.
  • You can pivot on a dime in a fast-paced work environment.
  • You’re not afraid to try something new, fail miserably, and try again.
  • You're excited to work at a fast-paced startup and contribute to a flourishing tech community.

We want you to be the best you:

We want to make sure you’re growing professionally while you're here at PactSafe. Our leadership team launched our “Work Someplace Awesome” policy this year, where employees are reimbursed for working anywhere (yes, anywhere) in the world to further their life and work experience! We're focused on providing our team with everything they need to be their best professionally and personally.

If you’re looking to take on exciting new challenges and make a valuable impact on the future of a growing company, then we want you on the PactSafe team!